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what is the difference between biosphere reserve, national park and wildlife sanctuary?
Posted- 1626 days ago
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National parks are sanctuaries in which some special types of species are present. the animals are not brought from some where else. they are naturally their in their own habitat. Tourists from other countries use to visit their with some difficulties.

In wild life sanctuary their are many type of species brought from many other places. Tourists use to visit their easily without any recommendation.

Biosphere reserve is a place for animals where they have been kept in cages. they are brought from many jungles. Toursts use to visit their with some difficulties.  Charges for tourists are more than that of Indians.

BY-- Rajendra Kumar Meena


Biosphere ReserveIt a reserve area to protect plant and animal species.                                                                                               National Park→  It is a reserve area meant for preserving natural vegetation, wildlife and natural beauty.                                                                                                                                         Wildlife Sanctuary→ It is a reserve area meant for preservation and development of endangered species. 


BIOSPHERE RESERVE-It is the protective organisation which is meant to protect plants and animals equally.

NATIONAL PARK-It is another org. which mainly focus on endangered species.Any human intereference is strictly prohibited

WILDLIFE SANCTUARY-It too look after mainly animals but may involve human interference.

it is a large protected area constructed for conservation of biodiversity it is called biosphere conserve the natuaral habit of animals it is called wild life sanctuary.
BIODIVERSITY - it is the place where animals ,plants , microorganisms and the tribal life is preserved .It may have many other protective areas in it. National parks - its is the protective area in which the flora of the place is preserved Wildlife Sanctuary - Its a place where the endangered species are preserved