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how to do journal entries


Posted- 2150 days ago
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1.                  Go to the pull-down menu labeled BANKING. Select the option MAKE JOURNAL ENTRY from the menu.

2.                  A gray warning box will appear. Click the button at the bottom of the box that says OK.

3.                  SET THE DATE (located in the left-hand corner) to 12/31/01.

4.                  Tab over to the box labeled ENTRY NUMBER. Enter 12/31.

5.                  Now you are ready to enter the information in the account area. Enter the account number from your journal entry sheet. If it is labeled a NEW ACCOUNT, you will have to do something special. Follow the instructions below for creating a new account. If you do not have a new account to enter, skip to step 6.


·           Go to the pull-down menu labeled LISTS and choose the option CHART OF ACCOUNTS.

·           On the bottom left-hand corner of your screen you will see a button labeled ACCOUNT. Click on this button and select NEW from the pull-down menu that appears.

·           In the upper left-hand corner you will see a box labeled TYPE. Choose the type of account you have from the pull-down menu. (We provide you with this. Look at your journal entry sheet to see which type of account you have.)

·           In the upper right-hand corner is a box labeled NUMBER. Enter the number of the new account. (We provide this number for you on the journal entry sheet.)

·           Below is a box labeled NAME. Enter the name of the account. (We also provide this for you on the journal entry sheet.)

·           Remember: NEVER fill in a number in the OPENING BALANCE box.

·           When you are done, click the box to the right labeled OK.


6.      If you do not have a new account to enter, you can simply enter the existing account number in the column labeled ACCOUNT.

7.      After you have entered an account number, tab over to either the DEBIT or CREDIT column, according to your journal entry sheet. For instance, if the number on your journal entry sheet appears under the CREDIT column, type this number under the CREDIT column on your computer screen.

8.      You can use the tab keys to move between columns. Continue entering the information from your journal entry sheet.

9.      When you are done, click the SAVE & CLOSE button at the bottom

      right-hand corner of the screen.


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